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Personalized Post-it's

You have probably seen Post-It Notes that feature a company name or logo. These are custom Post-It notes. On The Spot Printing can create these sticky notes with the graphics and text of their choice. Custom Post-It Notes provide a great way to enhance your corporate or small business image.

Personalized Post It Note Post-it's, Logo Post It Cubes & Custom Note Post-it's make great custom desk gifts that are sure to be a constant reminder of your companies marketing message, logo or web site. No one throws away a Post-it® Note Pad! These Post-it's meet price points to fit any company budget. Use these imprinted notes as custom fax forms instead or using cover sheets. They are available in a wide range or sheet counts.

Custom Post-it® Notes have so many uses. Make your memoPost-it's memorable. These Post-it's make a great tradeshow handout or sales call leave-behind. These note Post-it's are sized to handle large logos while maintaining ample writing area.

Post-it Note Post-it's use a revolutionary adhesive note that adheres securely to paper and most surfaces, yet removes easily without damage. Attach notes without staples, paper clips or tape. And best of all, you can customize these post-it notes with your own logo and/or message!

Company uses custom Post-it's® to increase their response!

Target Audience: 10,000 customers.

Strategy and Execution: In 1995, a customer conducted a test mailing to 1,400 clients. 700 direct mail packages contained a letter, order form and BRE, while the other 700 also included a pad of Post-it® Custom Printed Notes. The results of this test were so powerful that they decided to follow it up with another test in 1996 - but on a larger scale.

This direct mail test compared three simultaneous mailings, each containing a letter, merchandise brochure, personalized order form and business reply envelope. The differences between the mailings were as follows:

Package A: This was the control letter and did not contain Post-it® Custom Printed Notes.

Package B: Contained Post-it® Custom Printed Notes and a customer survey.

Package C: Contained Post-it® Custom Printed Notes (no customer survey).

The customer sent out 5,000 Package A's and 5,000 packages containing Post-it® Custom Printed Notes (2,500 each of Package B and Package C).

The Results: Even though the first response to this direct mail effort came on March 15, 1996, customers continue to respond to this day... three years later! This illustrates the amazing staying power that Post-it® Custom Printed Notes generate.

The 5,000 direct mail letters containing Post-it® Custom Printed Notes (Packages B & C) clearly outperformed the control letters (Package A). They generated:

  • 65% better response [512 orders vs. 311 orders]
  • 49% greater sales [$13,783 vs. $9,243]

With $4,540 more in sales, minus the $942.50 cost of Post-it® Custom Printed Notes, the customer earned a net value of $3,597.50 by simply adding a 25-sheet pad to this direct mail test!*

*From results compiled through 12/31/98 (2 years and nine months after kick-off). "Post-it" is a registered trademark of 3M. "3M" and Canary Yellow are trademarks of 3M.

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Personalized Post-it's

Customized Post-it's

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On The Spot Printing is innovating digital printing by combining the very best in web and print technology with proven techniques to provide cutting-edge products and services. We are in business for 21 years, family owned and operated. Your printed piece is a direct reflection on you and your business. To help you present your best image, we offer spectacular image scanning, cutting-edge design and type-setting and meticulously prepared digital files for exactly the look you're after. Contact Us Today!

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