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The file formats we accept are listed below If you don't know how to create one of these file types from your application please contact us so we can assist you.

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About Low-Res/High-Res Graphics for Printing

Files for print need to be scanned/drawn at 300-600dpi. Boosting the resolution from 72 to 300dpi in a paint program (Photoshop - Paint Shop Pro etc.) is not sufficient as this just interpolates the image, i.e. adds similar coloured pixels. While this can turn 'up' the image size, it also results in blurry prints.

Tips for Submitting your files & artwork

Send all images and fonts used in the creation of your document. Here is an easy way to help you organize all fonts and images you have used in your file:

Before you start designing your item create a folder with the name of the item, for this example we will create a folder called "My Business Card" Within the "My Business Card" folder save your file. Within the "My Business Card" folder create 2 more folders, one called "Fonts" the other called "Images". When you have finished designing, copy all the fonts you used in the file into the "Fonts" folder and copy all the images/pictures/graphics which you placed in your file into the "Images" folder.

Compress the"My Business Card" folder with a compression tool like WinZip (www.winzip.com) or, if you are a Mac user, Stuffitt. Compressing your files will allow them to transfer more quickly over the web. This procedure ensures that we will have everything that's necessary to print your order to meet your deadline. If you have problems with any of the above steps we will be glad to help you by phone or email.

By uploading your file you agree that you have the right to reproduce any images contained within. On The Spot Printing is not responsible for any printing of copyrighted material.

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Brooklyn, NY

Quality Printing

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Adobe Illustrator (.eps)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
Bitmap Image (.bmp)
GIF Image (.gif)
JPEG Image (.jpg,.jpeg)
PCX Image (.pcx)
PICT Image (.pic)
PNG Image (.png)
PostScript (.ps)
TIF Image (.tif,.tiff)

Adobe InDesign©
Illustrator / Freehand©
Word/Publisher© etc.

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Quality Printing

On The Spot Printing is innovating digital printing by combining the very best in web and print technology with proven techniques to provide cutting-edge products and services. We are in business for 21 years, family owned and operated. Your printed piece is a direct reflection on you and your business. To help you present your best image, we offer spectacular image scanning, cutting-edge design and type-setting and meticulously prepared digital files for exactly the look you're after. Contact Us Today!

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